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The Hillbilly Philosopher is the infinitely layered story of two best friends who have spent the entirety of their existences in the small, insular southern town of Rodenberg, TX. Full of prejudices, misinformation & the drum of patriotic whatevers, the two main characters--Floyd & BJ (AKA Butts)--have lived in the flow of the repetitive routines of this nothing town since birth, until one day when Floyd has an existential crisis following his near-death experience with a train and a family of rabid possums seeking revenge. Nothing is the same after that moment: the town in which he resides suddenly feels smaller and as though there's something lacking. After a list of misadventures on their quest for enlightenment in their dead-end town, the two young men resolve to take their truck across the United States and then travel the world to understand what's out there. Overflowing with the exploration of different philosophies, jokes and theories about life on earth at both the basic and not-so-basic level, our mission with Hillbilly Philosopher is to land it as a series on a network and show these two disheveled, idiotic gurus all kinds of new people and ideas in all sorts of environments for as many seasons as seem fit. We care about this concept immensely and want to entertain you with the many seasons we have ready and written-out to be animated on your television ASAP. The two main characters are named after our grandfathers, who have passed away, and though ultimately comedic, our story has a lot of heart and sincerity.

Hillbilly Philosopher -Trailer for Pilot Episode

written and illustrated by Justin Buschardt & Jonathan Hubbell
Animated by: Tad Catalano